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Animascope annonce sa fusion avec SpectroScan

After a year of collaboration, the two companies have been involved in the development of a R&D project initiated by Animascope : ANITOX.
This project aims to replace histopathology for toxicological studies by the use of CT scan. This project needs skills in imaging processing that meets Spectrosan engineers. In the same time Spectroscan was developing a very innovative CT scan machine (CRS) well designed for the ANITOX project.
Because the size of the two companies, the complementary approach, even if the two companies address two different market, the men share the same vision and the same entrepreneurship spirit, they decided to join their effort to build a more efficient company, together.
Animascope will hold 70 % of Spectroscan, which continues to address its specific market.

Source lettre d’information adbag 2011 Mars

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