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Appels d’offres (14/01/2011)

Institut de France – Fondation Simone et Cino del Duca
Appel à candidature Grand Prix scientifique (Modélisation scientifique de phénomènes complexes, traitement de l’information associée et simulations numériques).
Appel à candidature subventions scientifiques – Mathématique, Physique, Sciences de l’univers et leurs applications.

Date limite : mercredi 26 janvier.

ANR : Appel à candidatures Carnot
Le dispositif Carnot s’inscrit dans le pacte pour la recherche, dont l’un des objectifs est de favoriser le transfert de technologie, le partenariat entre laboratoires publics et entreprises et le développement de l’innovation.

Date limite de dépôt des dossiers : 3 février 2011, 13h. Contacts : question-aac-carnot@…, arnaud.torres@agence….

French American Technology Transfer Exchange Program (FAT2E)
Launched by the Office for Science and Technology in Boston of the Embassy of France in the United States, in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers), Technology Transfer Fellowship Exchange Program is aimed at senior managers from universities or research institutions who want to share their experience and to improve their competencies in terms of technology transfer. Award winners of the program are welcomed into a structure which provides them access to an office in the Technology Transfer department for a period of one up to 3 months in order to exchange good practices and to work on concrete examples.

Call for proposals 2011 is open until January 28th, 2011.

INRA’s 2011 Recruitment Campaign will open January 20th
INRA will bring over 50 researchers on board in 2011 to reinforce existing teams. The recruitment process will run from 20 January to 24 February 2011. INRA researchers, from diverse specialities, base their work on laboratory and field activities; they are highly involved in scientific networks and address environmental, economic and social issues. They strive towards excellence to discover and develop concrete solutions that benefit society. At INRA, personal research and team-led projects go hand in hand to further expertise and innovation for sustainable production, to protect the environment and to improve human nutrition. Recruitment will focus on a wide range of disciplines, including (but not limited to): biochemistry, biology, genetics, ecology, genomics, mathematics, physiology, microbiology, economics, forestry, environmental sciences, sociology, animal sciences, computer science, chemistry, neuroscience, entomology, statistics and virology.


Enseignement supérieur : l’appel d’offres européen Erasmus Mundus est ouvert !
L’appel d’offres européen Erasmus Mundus est ouvert, vous trouverez plus d’informations en cliquant ici. Une journée d’information sur le programme Erasmus Mundus est organisée à Bruxelles le 7 février 2011. Les présentations seront diffusées sur Internet avec possibilité de discussions en direct. Pour plus d’informations sur cette journée, cliquez ici.

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